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An Underwater Restaurant Is Coming To Europe Next Spring

It sits about five hours from Oslo in the little town of Lindesnes, and will serve 100 guests in its dining room, taking ocean view dining to an entirely new level.

Architecture firm (công ty kiến trúc) Snøhetta is bringing the restaurant to life next March, with Danish chef (đầu bếp người Đan Mạch) Nicolai Ellitsgaard leading the charge on the food front. When a restaurant costs 6 million dollars to build, the spread has to measure up (tăng lên). Ellitsgaard plans to serve a 15- to 18-course set menu filled with local ingredients (nguyên liệu) like sea arrow grass, salty sea kale, Norwegian berries and mushrooms. On the restaurant's website, the chef says the "local treasures" will be fermented (lên men), pickled (ngâm), dried (sấy khô) or otherwise preserved (bảo quản) as the seasons change. Seafood is of course a given, but Ellitsgaard also plans to use seabirds (chim biển), sheep (cừu), and other meat in his dishes.

For those a little skittish of dining underwater, there's a champagne bar above sea level to calm your nerves (làm dịu các dây thần kinh của bạn). In the same area, small bites — like crispy (giòn) seaweed bites in the shape of a seashell (vỏ sò biển)! — will be served as guests sip on bubbly. Downstairs, during the full meal, each course will be paired with (được kết hợp với) a wine or non-alcoholic drink "to create perfect harmony (hoà hợp)." It's safe to say you'll be dining well under the sea.

Reservations for this once-in-a-lifetime experience (trải nghiệm một lần trong đời) aren't available yet, but once they're live, the restaurant expects to be booking six months out. Start planning your Scandinavian road trip now!

Source: Delish

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